You don't know me, but you will (prying_pandora) wrote,
You don't know me, but you will

I was suppose to go to the zoo. Instead, I went to the hospital. My friend was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer on Thursday. They think it has spread to her liver and her stomach as well. I went up there to visit her to see how she's doing. My old workplace doesn't give a rats ass. She called them on Wednesday and told them she thought she was having a heart attack and that she couldn't work. They said "so you'll be in at 8:30 tomorrow morning then?" Again, she tried to explain that uh..heart attack means not working. They said everyone has been really sick around there and that it wouldn't be fair for her to take time off work. That was no excuse to miss, so see you on Thursday morning at 8:30 and they hung up.

They disgust me.

She called 911 and was taken in that night. Her heart is fine, thankfully. It's everything else that needs fixing. I got so upset after visiting her that when I picked up my lunch on the way home, I took one look at it, saw the order was wrong and just threw all the food and everything out the window of my car while I was driving and crying. I was just so angry. I threw it all out and went home.

I'm taking her up to our old workplace next Friday so she can pick up her things and get out of there.

People disgust me.
Tags: emotions, work

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